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Shopping for drones can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re a beginner, but there are ways that you can narrow down your choices to just a few. Three is the magic number of favored drone recommendations that you can focus on, and push the other options to the side. So, how do you reach this point?

Just like you read industry standard review sites like ParentsNeed, when you need any of the parenting products, you should take the same approach with drones. One of the best methods is to actually read flying drone reviews. You can begin by reading the articles on Flying Drones Expert, and check out what buyers have to say on Amazon and other buyers’ websites.

When shopping for a drone, there are some features that you should take into consideration, while others may be just the icing on the cake. What exactly should the flying drone beginner, expert, or pro seek when looking for drone recommendations?

Flying Drones Expert: Price

Many new drone pilots will rely on a lower price to choose their first flying drone, though that may not necessarily be the best choice. You can certainly buy a rip off model of a favored brand, but you may have difficulty keeping it in the air. The copies often have no warranty, or money back guarantee.

Flying Drones Expert: Manufacturer/Brand

It’s recommended that you avoid any no-name China brands and stick with the name-brand manufacturers, such as Parrot, Cheerson, DJI, etc.

Flying Drones Expert: Flight Time

A longer flight time may be one of the best features. Some drones stay in the air for five minutes, while there are still some reasonable price ranges for ones that can last for up to fifteen minutes.

Flying Drones Expert: Target Market

Are the drone recommendations meant for the beginner, expert, or pro? A beginner may not wish to fly an expensive model that could crash, while the pro may be bored with a basic UAE.

Flying Drones Expert: Best Features

Examine what types of features the drone may have. Does it have safety features such as blade guards and auto pilot? Can it do flips and rolls?

Flying Drones Expert: Manufacturers/Seller’s Warranty/Guarantee

When checking out a quadcopters review what sort of warranty/guarantee does the manufacturer offer? Does the seller of the drone offer a secondary guarantee to back up the purchase?

Flying Drones Expert: Camera

A camera always adds to the cost of the drone, but can make flying more exciting. Some cameras only take snapshots, while others film professional quality film footage.

What may be more important to one person in flying drone reviews may not be as important to you. You’ll have to build up your list of requirements, then start narrowing down your favorites from there.