Best Quadcopter Under $100 – Part 1

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Best Quadcopter Under $100 Part OnePhoto by Sebastiaan ter Burg / CC BY-SA 2.0

Remote controlled drones aren’t just for kids anymore. The percentage of adult enthusiasts is increasing, joining friends and clubs in this fun hobby. Many people also utilize flying drones to market their businesses, capturing fantastic video footage that can either be directly sold to consumers, or placed on social media sites. Best quadcopter under 100, making your entry into the hobby affordable and fun.

If you think you’ll be clumsy at flight, and are worried about your quad being bumped and bounced around, buying one for under $100 will ease your mind in the event it gets a few scratches and scrapes. As you learn how to fly, you’ll want to level up to the next great quadcopter. You can begin collecting different models, with different functions.

Your choices are nearly endless. Chances are you’ll still find last year’s model for sale, or even the year before, and be able to pick up a drone for a great deal. You best bet is to read reviews online, and read through our quick guide on the best that Syma, Cheerson, Hubsan, WL Toys, and UDI have to offer the adult flying enthusiast.

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The following quadcopters are easy to fly, and you’ll be pleased at how quickly you can master the art of drone flight. Some even have cameras, to increase your fun on the field.


When you’re deciding on which quad to buy, you’ll have the choice of whether to buy a full-size quadcopter, or one that is compact.

Syma X5С

Best Quadcopter Under $100 - Syma X5C

The Syma X5C quadcopter has flight functions that can help you to keep it in the air, even when you’re still learning about aeronautics. The Syma X5C quadcopter is made with a white plastic casing, and white blades. It comes with a radio controller, with a handy carry handle on the top.

There are some great features that come with the Syma X5C quadcopter. The 360 degree eversion allows the quad to stay steady in the air. Besides the usual flying moves such as left or right turns, and backwards, forwards, and sidewards, you have the option of two different speed choices. The lower speed is for the beginner. Once you’ve become a pro, you can try the faster speed.

The Syma X5C quadcopter is a starter model, so you don’t have the fancy button to press to do tricks, unless you try them manually.

This quad weighs in at two pounds. It takes take four double AA rechargeable or regular batteries. It does come with a camera, so you can take photos and video footage. The camera records images at two million pixels.

In the box you’ll also get a screwdriver to tighten the rotors, and an SD card. You can purchase optional equipment such as a USB cable. It takes about one hundred minutes to charge up your Syma X5C quadcopter. You’ll have five to eight minutes of flying time. Your Syma quad will fly out to a distance of fifty meters.

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Let’s compare Syma X5C with other drones:
Syma X5C vs Hubsan X4 H107C – first comparison
UDI U818A vs Syma X5C – and second comparison

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Best Quadcopter Under $100

The Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter is more of a compact toy that fits in your hand than a standard quad. It’s priced at under $100 so would make a perfect gift for the kids. It has LED lights, and a white plastic casing with an orange bottom. It measures in at only 4.2 by 4.2 by 2 centimeters, so your kids will have fun creating scenarios around this quad. This quad does not have a camera, due to its smaller size.

Despite its small size, it still has a built-in six axis system, that makes minute gyroscopic adjustments to keep it stable in the air. There are two different flight speeds, slow and fast.

In some cases, it’s actually more difficult to fly a smaller quadcopter, but it’s still quite durable. If it gets tossed around a bit on the field, you won’t have to worry about damaging it. Damage may be inevitable, as it’s so small, you may lose sight of it in the air. If you wish for additional protection, you can buy blade guards. And you can also replace the blades if you need to. You can choose from a variety of different colored propellers that are available in every color of the rainbow. The blades actually just pop off, making them easy to change without a screwdriver.

One recharge will allow you to fly your quad toy for four to eight minutes in the air. The Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter contains a rechargeable lithium battery.

Inside the box you’ll receive one Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter, a USB cable, a transmitter, two extra rotors, and a user manual.

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Hubsan X4 H107L

Best Quadcopter Under $100

The Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter is another flying drone that is built with a compact size. This is a drone that has a black plastic casing with white markings, and it fits into the palm of your hand. There are also other color choices, such as black with green, or green with black blades, or black with red, in case you want to be able to see your drone at a distance. You can also switch out the blades for different colors.

The black version does not come with a camera. The other plastic casings may come with a camera, but they’ll be more than $100. The Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter has a durable plastic frame, so if your kids borrow it, you won’t have to worry that it stops working if they’re too rough with it. Another great feature of this model is that there are no bolts or screws that will come loose, like with more expensive brands. It only need a minimum of maintenance.

One great feature on this model is that there is a stunt mode button, so your quad will do rolls and tricks in the air. This is not normally a feature that comes in this price range.

LED lights will enable you to see it at a distance, and rubber feet will allow for a safe landing. Additional accessories are available, but it does come with a USB cable for charging.

It takes about 160 minutes to charge up your Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter for the playing field. Each charge will give it about seven to eight minutes of flying time. You’ll need to buy two AA batteries. You can fly your drone out to a distance of one hundred meters.

It’s safe for kids to fly the Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter, but you may wish to supervise under age 12.

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WL Toys V636

Best Quadcopter Under $100

It’s worth taking a look at the WL Toys V636 quadcopter. It has a slightly different look than other quads. It has a silver metallic body with green and black markings. The body is smaller, with larger blades. It comes with a radio controller that has an LCD screen so you can manage the controls.

You’ll be able to fly this lightweight drone indoors, with the optional propeller guards. There is no camera with this model. LED running lights will help you to see your drone at a distance. This product is currently unavailable in Amazon. But a similar drone from WL Toys called  WL Toys Q282 will do exactly the same job.

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Best Quadcopter Under $100

The UDI U818A quadcopter is a lightweight model that comes with a camera. It’s safe to fly indoors, and has a black casing with four large circular protective blade protectors. Its maintenance is simple, and parts are easy to replace. The built-in blade guards keep the rotors from becoming damaged, and also protect your walls and furniture, should you wish to fly it inside.

The included camera takes both still images and video footage.

The UDI has a six axis gyro with posture control to help keep it steady in the air. The radio controller has a four channel function, allowing for easier user control.

It takes two hours to charge up the UDI for flight. You can fly it for seven to nine minutes. It’s also possible to do 360 degree flips. You can fly it out to a maximum distance of thirty meters. This drone is easy to fly, particularly for the beginner.

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Let’s compare drones:
UDI U818A vs Syma X5C – click and know more about UDI U818A

Comparison of Best Drones Under $100

Cheerson has the most inexpensive quadcopter, while the Syma and UDI have cameras for under $100. WL Toys has a long flight range of 100 meters, while the Hubsan has the longest flying time. Decide which features are important to you before buying.

Check out the comparative parameters with this handy table so that you can find the best quadcopter with camera under $100, or best drones under $100 if a camera is not that important to you.

Quadcopter Cost Drone Flight Time Battery Charge Flight Range Camera
Syma X5C $50 5-8 mins 100 mins 50 m Y
Cheerson CX-10 $19 4-8 mins 30-40 mins 40 m N
Hubsan X4 H107L $39 7-10 mins 30 mins 30 m N
WL Toys V636 $63 7-8 mins 160 mins 100 m N
UDI U818A $52 7-9 mins 120 mins 30 m Y

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