Best Quadcopter With Camera for Professional Video

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best quadcopter with cameraPhoto by Mauricio Lima / CC BY 2.0

Quadcopters have made a significant place for themselves in various commercial arenas. But majorly in demand are the best quadcopter with a camera which inhibits cutting edge technology, making it useful in capturing a professional video. There are plethora of the latest state of the art quadcopters in the market with multiple features, but getting the best quadcopter with a camera is a quintessential parameter for the search criteria.

But a premium video quality at an affordable price is equally important for selecting a quadcopter. So let’s have a look at the best quadcopter with a camera available in the market in different price ranges. But before we plunge into exploring the best quadcopters in the market let us know the technology working behind this aerial gadget.

What is a Quadcopter?

Quadcopter or a quadrotor, or simply a quadrotor helicopter, this remote controlled helicopter or a form of drone, is a helicopter which as the name suggests has four propelling rotors. Contrary to the fixed wing aircraft these have two sets of identical fixed pitched propellers, with the first opposite placed set moving in a clockwise direction and the other one in an anti clockwise direction. This opposite motion provides the required flight to the quadcopter.

Quadcopters used for aerial imagery

Amongst the multidimensional uses of a quadcopter for research, military purpose and in the commercial arena, one of the significant feature which helps in gaining such a worldwide acclaim is aerial surveillance and imagery. Quadcopters are equipped with superior quality HD cameras which can even be used for professional video capturing. Although there are quadcopters available in the highest and lowest of price range, we limit our preview to the following categories.

Best Quadcopter with camera under 100$

UDI U818A RC Quadcopter



Check Price Of UDI U818A On Amazon
As we look in the affordable prices range here is the best quadcopter with camera under 100$, with standard features and superior video quality. The best quadcopter with camera, to pick between the range of under 100$ is UDI U818A RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2. This quadcopter is accessorized with four channels of 2.4 GHz.

Remote-controlled; this chopper has an LCD display panel, which transmits live images. It has a six axis gyro which provides stability. UDI U818A is equipped with 3D flight capability which can even make a 360-degree flip. The quadcopter can remain in flight for 9 minutes at a stretch and can be controlled from a 30 meters distance.

Coming to the biggest feature in question, the helicopter has a camera with qualities of both video and image capturing. Although quadcopters are used mainly as a recreational medium, this one can be easily used for professional photography and it can reach places where the lensman can’t.


Best quadcopter with camera under 200$

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3


best quadcopter with camera

Check Price Of Nine Eagles Galaxy On Amazon

Priced at bang 200$, this best quadcopter under 200$ has the best of everything but at affordable prices. Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 Quadcopter RTF with High-Quality Camera 1.3MP 720P, is one of the most popular quadcopter with the most features and high quality camera which can be utilized for capturing professional videos at reasonable prices.

This super quadcopter comes with an Auto-return function which gives you a stress free flight even without supervision during return flights and fear of hitting obstacles in between. The helicopter is even equipped with a braking system which can be engaged during any in flight obstacle. Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 comes with facility of night flying also.

As far as the camera features are concerned, the quadcopter comes with a superior quality small camera which is although small in size, but captures excellent still and motion pictures along with videos. The captures can be even stored as the camera comes with a memory card. This is the best buy guaranteed in the slated price range.

Best quadcopter with camera premium

DJI Phantom 2 With Zenmuse H3-3D Gopro


best quadcopter with camera

Check Price Of DJI Phantom 2 On Amazon

Coming in the premium zone, one of the most established brand names in the world of quadcopters is DJI Phantom. Priced at 829$, DJI Phantom 2 New Combo is embedded with unmatchable technology features and artificial intelligence. The flight of DJI Phantom 2 can even be synced and controlled through an i-pad which makes it so much convenient and easy to fly. But the flight can also be controlled through the designated remote control, which can move the quadcopter within the range of 1 km.

This quadcopter can be air borne for almost 25 minutes as the flight is backed by high performance and long lasting batteries. The movement of DJI Phantom is GPS guided therefore there are minimal chances of getting misled. This version of Phantom is the generation quadcopter in the line of DJI Phantom and has many additional features.

This RC drone is equipped with the feature of auto return which is also known as one key go home feature. This is the best quadcopter with camera which produces amazing pictures and videos which are bright and clear. As the flight is stable with the aerial photography is clear and produces the best aerial images and videos. Due to its excellent image quality, this quadcopter can be easily used for professional photography.

Loaded with so many features this wonder copter is extremely light and easy to carry which means it can accompany you on your trips and travels.

Quadcopters have evolved from their basic role of a toy and now find occupancy in various fields of military and commercial use. These RC helicopters can carry small camera which can be built in or attached externally and can even carry bigger branded cameras like canon. Although a bigger camera would lead to a shorter flight time getting limited to even 6 to 7 minutes. But as during film making the duration of a shot is also the same approximately, this short flight time is not much of a problem. Quadcopters are here to stay in the world of aerial photography and the technology is going to witness a boom in this world.


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