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Even doing the most basic research, when you are ready to buy a drone you will find there is a very wide range of drones you can purchase in an instant; some even come fully assembled, removing the more complex construction tasks. When buying a drone you will notice that the price for these drones varies tremendously as well. All in all, if you want to buy one there are a number of considerations you need to take into account; otherwise it could be a big and costly mistake.

What do you want to do with your drone?

You will all have seen footage from the drone that flew over a volcano, or the other one that flew through a firework display. Maybe you’re a tornado chaser, or maybe you’re buying a drone you’re more down to earth than that and just want to have a little fun in your house or in the garden, perhaps shooting your friends or even yourself from above.

When you buy a drone, the main consideration is battery life; this can vary from 5 minutes up to 30 for the more sophisticated models. Most people want to be able to see from the air, so your next consideration when buying a drone is the camera and camera mount. Some offer a smooth, good quality camera mount yet the supplied camera is woefully less than adequate, so you may have to consider replacing it for a better result. Control on windy days makes some drones better than others, the better ones being GPS-capable.

How much do you want to spend when you buy a drone?

You can buy the drone toys for use in the home or garden and these can be anything from $50 upwards. They will be limited but can still deliver the fun you are looking for. If you want to spend more you can, of course. Higher performance ones start at around $500 and can reach as high as $5,000! Whatever drone you buy, if you select one that has the capability of upgrading components, then you can start your hobby relatively inexpensively.

When you buy a drone keep in mind the cost of upgrade items, say better cameras, improved batteries, propeller guards, etcetera, can make the costs mount significantly. When you buy a drone one feature that most of you will want is a live feed to your smartphone so look for one with a WiFi capability.

How will you learn to fly it?

Like all good hobbies, it pays the practitioner to develop the appropriate skills. Like model airplanes, there are clubs popping up everywhere so there is no shortage of places to learn. Also like model airplanes, when you buy a drone it is probably a good idea to buy a cheaper trainer drone for those initial flights so that you begin to understand the effects of winds, as well as the ethical do’s and don’ts of drone flying.

When buying a drone there are plenty of online resources to assist you with your hobby and if you want to take it really seriously there are a number of centres in the USA where you can even earn a certificate to fly one!

When you buy a drone, how easy is it to maintain?

Having bought a drone you must consider the question of maintenance, especially in the early days of your drone pilot career. What if you snap a propeller, how easy is it to replace? Will you have to buy a new motor as well? What about the camera mount? It dangles below the vehicle so is more vulnerable to potential dings; this will include potential damage to the camera.

Do you even want the hassle? It will depend upon your personal skill levels and preferences. Before you buy a drone, and certainly before you crash it for the first time, make sure you either have typical spares or know where to send it for repairs. To make your life simpler, most enthusiasts recommend you buy propeller guards to reduce damage potential. Obvious really when buying a drone.

When you buy a drone, know your local regulations on flying a drone.
As with all things airborne, there are rules that need to be adhered to. Breaking those rules can lead to a slap on the wrist or more serious charges being brought, especially in the current world climate.

You don’t want to tarnish your purchase of a drone! There are more and more areas where flying drones is illegal, but the primary rules are threefold: don’t fly them in national parks, near airports, or use them for commercial purposes such as delivering packages or filming for financial gain (I think you know what that one is about). When you buy a drone, you are buying it to have fun; don’t ruin it for you and for others by using it inappropriately.

So, having discussed the benefits and pitfalls of buying a drone, what can you buy for your money? Here is some more information to help you on your way.

The news is flooded with drones. Amazon is testing a new drone for an advanced delivery system. Flying drones have been caught invading personal property, airports, and military bases. New regulations will be coming into effect by next year. You’ve heard about them, now you want to buy one for yourself.

The novice may be overwhelmed by the choices out there. What’s the difference between a $30 drone, and a $1300 drone? Don’t let price deter you—there are plenty of quadcopters that are inexpensive, but are still easy to fly, and have great features.

The best way to begin your hunt for a drone is to type “best drones” into your favorite search engine. Here you’ll be presented with lists of the best drones on the market today, and many articles about people’s experiences with each model.

buy a drone - DJI Phantom FC40

Many flying drones have an automatic mode, so it takes over, making flying easier for the novice on the field. Once you get a handle on all the aeronautic features you can switch to manual flight. When buying your drone ensure it has an automated feature.

Before buying your new drone, consider how you’ll be using it. Do you want to join a club and learn how to fly? Is it something you want to show off to others? Do you want to take snapshots of its flight path? Or, perhaps you want it to take video of the journey?

Many professionals buy drones with film-quality video cameras, so they can use the footage in their photography, or filmmaking business. Specific businesses such as wedding photographers and real estate agents may offer additional video services. Do you wish for a toy, or do you want a professional drone?

The price point of a drone can vary between $20 for a China factory imitation, to over $2000 for the best. You’ll want to factor in how much cash you have in your budget. Perhaps an entry-level drone would be perfect, and then once you become a flying pro, you can buy the next model up.

Buy a drone - Walkera QR Y100

In conclusion, if you want to buy a drone, putting in that little bit of extra effort to research your choices will pay dividends in the end and wondering if you have made the right choice by buying your drone will not tarnish your enjoyment with your new toy.

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