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Quadcopters are a fun and exciting hobby, but most regular-sized drones can only be flown outdoors. Fortunately, there are Micro Quadcopter with Camera that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and are also suitable for flying indoors. Older children and adults can fly them around the living room, recreation room, or basement, when they have nowhere else to fly them.

Micro Quadcopter with Camera Photo by Andres Rueda / CC BY 2.0

Most drones don’t do well in wind or rain, and many people who live in apartment buildings don’t have access to outdoor spaces. These blade micro quadcopters are perfect for these instances.

If you decide that a micro is better than a full-sized quad, you’ll enjoy searching for the best micro quadcopter that is available. It may take a bit of extra care to find a good, reliable one, so check the micro quadcopters reviews online first to see if they will be a good match for you or your family.


Difference Between Regular Sized & Micro Quadcopters

The word micro means extremely small, so when you’re shopping for a micro quadcopter, you’ll also be purchasing an extremely small quadcopter. These smaller quads can be more difficult to fly as they often lack a six-axis stabilization system, and will appear to haphazardly fly around a room.

Micro Quadcopter with Camera Photo by Tyler Ingram / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A regular full-sized quad is about a foot wide, or larger, while a micro fits in the hand, and is anywhere from two inches to 5 inches wide.

While the micro quads are considerably smaller, some do still come with cameras. While this will increase your enjoyment of the hobby, you can’t expect to take professional-quality photos or video with these types of cameras. In fact, most of the cameras will be only able to record video, but you can always capture screen shots on your computer if individual photographs are important to you.

Many of the micro quads will only have the most basic of features, so don’t expect that many will have trick buttons, return to home functions, in-flight camera control, or app control. They will also have short battery life, usually under 5 minutes, due to their compact battery packs.

Why Should I Choose a Branded Quadcopter?

Many people may be confused over why they should choose a branded quadcopter, rather than one of the well known manufacturers such as Cheerson, Hubsan, or Syma. The manufacturers are proud of their products, and most come with a warranty. They back up their product, so when you purchase it, and get it home to fly, it will actually fly properly. A branded quad will also have some great features that may be missed in an unbranded model.

The thing with most products on the market today is that if it’s branded, it has a cheap knock-off imitation made from China. If you’ve been searching online, you may have found cheap knock-off quadcopters. They may look exactly like a Cheerson, Hubsan, or Syma, but that’s where the similarities end. These no-name products are hastily assembled in a factory in China and then offered for sale. Often, they simply do not fly well. They’ll fly erratically, and the radio controller will provide no amount of control for it.

This type of toy may be fine for kids who don’t really understand how to fly a quad, but are certainly not good enough for adults. Stick to the branded name manufacturers so that you’re guaranteed a high-quality toy with some great features.

Where to Buy the Best Micro Quadcopter with Camera?

As mentioned above, you’ll want to avoid buying your micro quadcopter with camera from one of the many China websites. Sometimes they’ll try to deceive you by offering a photograph of a real Cheerson, but then you’ll receive your package in the mail only to discover it isn’t really a Cheerson. It is nearly impossible to return these items, or to get a refund.

Stick with the reliable online websites, or RC toy stores or electronic toy stores that are in your city. Online commerce stores such as eBay or Amazon will back up their purchases in the event that it’s not what you ordered, or it is faulty. They’ll also don’t take kindly to businesses selling no-name quads when you thought you were getting a Cheerson or Syma.

Another great place to buy quads is directly from manufacturer’s online websites. Most have a shop tab where you can not only buy your quadcopter, but purchase accessories and replacement parts too. The only downside is that shipping may be slow, but many may offer expedited service. But it’s certainly an option if what you want is out of stock in your local shop.

Many new quadcopter releases on the market are delayed before reaching the Amazon market. One way to avoid delay is to place an order on the manufacturer’s site, so you’ll be one of the first in the world to get that cool new micro quadcopter with camera!

Cheerson CX-10C Mini

Micro Quadcopter with Camera

The Cheerson CX-10C Mini comes in an orange and white color. This quad has white blades and benefits from a six axis gyroscope system for stability. You have access to a three level adjustable speed function on the controller, and even a flip function.

Flight time for the Cheerson CX-10C Mini will last from four minutes to eight minutes. The battery is rechargeable and has a 3.7 volt 100mAh lithium battery. This quad has LED running lights to increase the fun, even in dim lighting conditions. It is a four channel quad, so you can purchase up to four and not have them interfere with each other.

The difference between the CX-10 and the Cheerson CX-10C Mini is that the C has a camera. This model is built sturdier and larger than the other, but still has an affordable price of under $30. The camera is on the front of the quad. The camera is of 0.3MP quality and takes both pictures and video. It can also be held in hover mode, which will help you to get some better photographs.

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Syma X12S MiniMicro Quadcopter with Camera

The Syma X12S Mini comes in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, and red. No matter which color, two of the blades will be white, and two black. This quad also comes with a camera, and it is installed in the front body of the vehicle. It has LED running lights to increase the excitement, as well as to see when it’s flown at night time.

The Syma X12S Mini is extremely affordable and costs about $25. Syma also utilizes the best six axis adjustable gyroscope system which keeps your quad level. With the flight controller, you can fly it in four directions: left, right, forward, and backward. It will also do a 3D stunt and sidewards flight.

The Syma has a 3.7 volt 250mAh rechargeable battery. You can flight this micro quad out to a distance of 100 meters. It has a fairly good battery life for its micro size, six to eight minutes.

The package will include the Syma quad, a user manual, a USB charge cable that can also be used to upload video, the battery, transmitter, and one spare propeller in case one gets broken.

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Hubsan X4 H107C

Micro Quadcopter with Camera

The Hubsan X4 H107C comes in a variety of different color choices. It has a basic black body, but offers styles in green graphic/two green propellers; red graphics/two red propellers/white graphics/two white propellers. No matter the color choice, it has a built-in camera. The camera is a 0.3 MP video recording module. It does require the separate purchase of a Micro SDH card as one is not in the box.

The Hubsan X4 H107C costs more than the other quads, but it has better features too. It has the latest six axis gyro technology, enabling for super stable flight. It has four different channels, so you can purchase one in each of the different colors offered, one for each member of the family, enabling each person to easily see which is their quad in flight.

The Hubsan has an extremely durable frame, which is important, as Hubsan is an entry-level quad. The airframe is also nice and light, and is simple to fly. The quad will move left, right, forward, and backward, and also performs flips. The Hubsan measures 2.7 by 2.7 by 1 inches, and weighs under one pound. It’s suitable for people over the age of fourteen years old to fly.

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Blade BLH7280 Nano

Micro Quadcopter with Camera

Blade makes a great line of micro quadcopters. Their Blade BLH7280 Nano does come with a camera, but expect to pay more for some great features. This quad is priced at $150. It has a black body with blue graphics, two grey blades, and two blue blades to help with orientation in the air.

Blade BLH7280 Nano has utilized its patented SAFE technology to make it easy to fly, as well as being safe to fly in the presence of young children or pets. It’s also small enough that it can be flown in any size of room, and is also suitable for the office. The quad has a SpiroNET circular polarized antenna system to help communicate between quad and transmitter. A stability mode will also help the beginner in learning how to fly.

The camera is a Spedtrum ultra micro FPV camera that is permanently installed in the front body. The Blade is built with a tough, yet lightweight airframe. Even the blades are protected. If it crashes, you’ll be relieved that your investment won’t break. It will also protect walls, furniture, or other items around the home, making it safe to fly indoors. The Blade measures 7.5 by 6.9 by 2.6 inches, and weighs only 8.8 ounces.

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Cheerson CX-10W

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Cheerson CX-10W is another great micro quad that has a camera. This one is built a bit sturdier than the CX-10C. It is all-white, and has four white blades, and four short white landing pegs. It’s priced affordably under $40. There are also two other color choices of rosy red and golden.

The camera in the Cheerson CX-10W is a WiFi 0.3 MP HD camera which can provide FPV live streaming video through an app on iPhone, Android, or tablet. The recorded video can be stored on the mobile directly. The app can be downloaded from the APP store or Google Play and is called CX-10WiFi.

It has a 2.4G four channel, six axis flight control system. There are bright powerful LED lights, which help with direction orientation, or night sight. It can move up or down, which is more than most other micro quads can do, left and right, forward and backward, and left and right sideward flying. It can also do a 3D eversion trick, and hold in hover mode.There is also a low battery warning so you know when you’ll need to bring your Cheerson micro back to home.

It may be confusing trying to search through all the cool micro quadcopter with camera on the market today to find the best one for you or for a gift. But the best thing about micro quadcopters is their affordability. You can purchase several, and compare them. Or, each family member can have fun flying their own quad.Though if you have several going, you may wish to take it outdoors, so that nothing gets damaged!

Micro quadcopters are also small and compact, so they store away nicely. You can also set them up on a shelf in your room. They display well, and don’t take up a lot of room.Most people who start with one brand, such as Cheerson, will soon want to try the Hubsan and Syma line of quadcopters too. Flying quadcopters can release some of the tension after a long hard week at work. Since you really have to focus on the flight controls, and where your quad is, this hobby will take your mind off of everything else, and give you a chance to unwind after a long hard week. Buying a micro quadcopter with camera will give you a chance to record cool video footage too.

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