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Top 5 Best Quadcopters With Camera | 2017 reviews

Many people have experienced the pleasure that occurs when you pilot quadcopters through the air. Often they begin in this hobby by purchasing a toy, and then work up to a professional type of drone that can be used for aerial quadcopter photography. This maximizes the enjoyment that people can get out of the hobby.

Quadcopter Photography Photo by Daniel Zimmermann / CC BY 2.0

Photographs and video can be recorded of your outdoor adventures. Drones with cameras can take some amazing aerial footage of scenery and landscapes. These snapshots and videos can be downloaded to your computer, and can be edited with editing software such as iMovie and Photoshop, before being shared with friends through your favourite social media channels.

If you’re interested in finding the best photography quadcopter, there are some great models on the market today that already come with a camera. This makes it simple, eliminating long set up times. Simply remove from the box and you’re ready to go.


Why You Should Buy a Quadcopter with Camera

Often after a person has learned how to fly a drone, they may get a bit bored of it, since it doesn’t do much more than fly backwards or forwards. Or, they may delegate it to the child’s toy box.

Quadcopter Photography Photo by Dirk Dallas / CC BY-NC 2.0

Many people who enjoy flying drones may be content to purchase one that  is inexpensive, but that has no extra features. These types of drones are great to learn on, but once you’ve mastered the basics, and can keep your drone soaring through the air without crashing, you may wish to go the next level up and buy one of the best aerial photography quadcopters.

Buying an aerial photography quadcopter can be almost as exciting as flying it. There can be some great anticipation over finding the best quadcopter with camera, and then getting it out of the box and into the air. Many people are excited to fly their drone through the air, and then see all the great photos and footage that they have recorded. This is also a great hobby to have if you generally enjoy quadcopter photography. It can add an extra dimension to your photography hobby. It’s also perfect for people who enjoy editing photographs or videos—a drone can certainly provide plenty of material for that.

Where to Find the Best Quadcopter for Photography

You may be wondering where to find the best the tool for quadcopter photography. Often local shops only have inexpensive toy drones, and not the more professional drones that have cameras for quadcopter photography.

Stores that sell electronics may be a good start. They’ll often have a wide range of choices, from basic drones, to ones that have every feature possible.

It’s also a good plan to check online. You’ll be able to compare prices, and see the different brands of quadcopters.

It’s also possible to join drone clubs that have specific flight days. You can head out to the field to see how each brand performs. There may be local drone events that are organized by stores that you can attend. They may even teach you how to fly a drone with a demo model. If you like it, you can purchase your own.

You can also visit the drone manufacturer’s websites to get more information about them. Besides product specifications, they’ll have photographs and videos to watch. You can even buy drones directly from most manufacturer’s websites if you don’t mind extra waiting time for overseas shipping.

How to Choose the Best tool  for Quadcopter Photography

Now that you’ve found the best places to purchase a quadcopter you’re going to need to find a way to narrow down all the choices. There are many brands of quadcopter, such as DJI, Parrot, and UDI. Some of their models are meant for play, and some are meant to be used for professional aerial photography. But learning how to choose the best quadcopter for aerial photography can ensure that you get the right one, as there is considerable investment involved.

For example, if you have your heart set on a model that can rotate the camera in 360 degrees, or that can hold a stable position, you’ll experience disappointment if you end up with one that doesn’t have the features that you expect. Be sure to read the box, product literature, or online descriptions to see the exact features. Not all drones are alike. Sure, they all soar through the air, but some have cameras, and some don’t. Some may do tricks and aerial maneuvers, which will look fantastic when recorded on to video.

After you have decided which features are important to you, you can get down to carefully examining the features of each of the most popular drones with camera.

DJI Phantom 4

Quadcopter Photography

The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest in the Phantom line of 1 to 4. This is actually a great drone to buy, even though it’s $1400, however, you do get a premium-quality camera with it. This drone is suitable for the adult who is wishing to start their own aerial photography business.

The DJI Phantom 4 has the distinctive white shape and size of the other Phantoms in the DJI line. The blades have been built higher than in the other quads, to eliminate damage. They’ve also made this drone easier to fly, as when people are taking snapshots, or recording video, they may not wish to spend a lot of time with the intricacies of flying.

This quad comes with a great tap to fly feature, simple visual tracking, and a sports mode. This quad flies with the aid of an app that works on your smart phone or tablet. You can buy a radio controller, but keep in mind that your hands will be busy with flying and recording images, should you do so.

The sports mode is for experts who have mastered piloting. It will allow you to fly at much faster speeds than the other drones allow.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Quadcopter Photography

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is meant more for people in business than use as a toy. It has some additional features that make it better than the standard Phantom 3.

There is a premium 1080 p HD camera in this drone. It can take twelve megapixel photographs and record video at UHD 4 K with thirty frames per second. One great benefit of this professional drone is that it has an impressive five kilometer distance from controller to drone. This will truly enable for some amazing aerial footage to be captured before it needs to return for a new battery.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional utilizes Lightbridge video downlink app technology. This allows you to watch live streaming video the moment it happens. To work, you must connect your smart phone or table to the radio controller first. This drone use the latest GPS and GLONASS—Russia’s version of GPS— dual positioning technology. There is also a vision positioning module to enable you to keep it under better control.

The Professional also comes with a great radio controller. The more widely used features are within easy reach. DJI Phantom 3 Professional may lose a couple of minutes of flight time, but it’s still impressive at running for twenty-three minutes.

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DJI Inspire 1

Quadcopter Photography

 DJI Inspire 1 is another great drone that is perfect for quadcopter photography. This quad enables you to not only have fun flying your drone through the air, but also allows you to record great video of your outdoor adventures too. This Inspire 1 has an attractive white plastic body, with four black legs. The camera is positioned under the central body.

One unique feature on the DJI Inspire 1 that you often only see on quads that cost more than $4K is that once the 1 has had lift off, the four legs raise up above its body to provide a 360 degree filming angle. You can truly achieve some unique aerial footage when your drone with camera can spin around like this.

The camera will record video at 4K, 1080p, and twenty-four to thirty frames per second. It will take snapshots that are twelve megapixels. These are industry standards for when you wish to edit your images and resell them to clients. The lens of the camera has a special aspherical feature which avoids the curved landscape that cheaper drone cameras may record. The lens has nine elements in an aspherical element, 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, 94 degree wide-angle FOV, and 3-axis, 360 degree rotating gimbal.

If you have an assistant to help with your aerial photography you’ll appreciate the dual operator flight control. This means that two different people can control the drone, each with their radio controller. One person can be in charge of piloting the drone, while the other can be in charge of ensuring that only the best images and film are recorded. There is also the option to have one person use the radio controller, and to have the second person use an app on their smart phone or tablet, which also functions as a radio controller.

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Parrot Bebop 2

Quadcopter Photography

Parrot Bebop 2 is a well-respected manufacturer of quadcopters, and they are also built with a forward-facing camera. This drone is lightweight, and compact, making it a suitable choice when hiking the mountains or forests where you wish to film your aerial footage.
To control the Parrot Bebop 2, you will need to download an app, which works with your tablet or your smart device. You can also use a radio controller, but it’s an additional purchase.

The Parrot Bebop 2 is designed to be kept safe in the event of haphazard flying or crashes. Your investment won’t be ruined. It’s built with a flexible plastic composite material that bends and moves as needed. Even the arms are reinforced to minimize damage. While it’s best to keep on practicing your piloting skills before taking it out into the wilderness, sometimes the weather can be a factor in sending any drone off course. Extra safety features are nice to have, and not all manufacturers place a focus on this aspect of drone flying.

There are some other great features to consider on the Parrot Bebop 2. It has a long twenty-five minute flight time. This is great for sending your drone out over a canopy of trees, or across a lake. It will have plenty of battery life, so that it has plenty of time to return back to home before it runs low.

This drone can also be held in a holding pattern so you can capture some stunning footage. It can also climb above a certain point, providing some different camera angles for your video project. You’ll be able to fly your drone out to a distance of three hundred meters.

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Quadcopter Photography

UDI U818A HD makes a great line of quadcopters that focus on safety. They’re not as shiny and attractive as the other choices, but the UDI U818A HD still comes with an impressive high definition camera that should please most quad hobbyists. If you’re beginning in quad photography, this affordable quadcopter will give you a taste of what to expect, in case you’re interested in purchasing a more expensive DJI or Parrot drone.

UDI offers many different choices, but the UDI U818A HD has the best camera.

It records 2MP HD video, and has a six axis gyro to ensure film footage is smooth and free of shakes. It comes with a 4GB Micro SD card to allow for plenty of room to store video footage.

This quad can do some great tricks, such as 360 degree eversion, which is fun to watch on video. This drone also has headless mode, enabling for easier flying, particularly when you have to focus on capturing great video footage.

Quadcopter photography can be an exciting hobby to pursue. When you buy your first drone with camera you’ll soon find that you are hooked. You’ll want to save your money so you can always aim upwards in buying the best premium brands of professional quadcopters that have cameras.

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