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Top 5 Best Small Quadcopter with Camera | 2017 reviews

Many adults don’t like to confess that they enjoying with toys. Often they can mask their hobbies with the intention of playing with their kids, but then take over when the kids get tired. There are many Small Quadcopter with Camera that are suitable for flying around your home. These can be flown in the back yard, or even indoors. Sometimes the basement is best if the spouse is concerned about damage.

Small Quadcopter with Camera Photo by State LibraryOfOhio / CC BY 2.0

There are also small quadcopter with camera. The quality of these cameras can vary, depending on resolution, and price. You’ll want to consider why you’re purchasing the quadcopter, and if you really need one with a camera.

There are plenty of different quadcopter brands or manufacturers to choose from. All of them offer several different types. If you’ve decided to look for a quadcopter small enough to fly around a room, it may be confusing at first sorting through them all.


Why Small Quadcopter with Camera is Best for You

The small quadcopter with camera may be best for you in many situations. In a larger city there may be fewer places to fly a quadcopter, except at home. If parks are busy and crowded, you must consider the safety of others. Many cities also have laws prohibiting their usage. You’ll have to check the laws in your region. Many national parks also prohibit their usage. You may wish to check for specific places that allow their flight.

But this means that you’ll still be able to fly your quad around your yard above your house, and inside your home. There are many cities that are determining that the homeowner owns the air about two hundred feet above them. This is good news for the owner who wants to play with their own devices around home, yet avoid flying their quad into the airspace above them.

Quadcopters are also a more active activity than sitting and watching television or playing video games, especially when you first learn how to fly—you may have to run after the quad for the first few hours that you are learning how to fly them.

Smaller quads may also be more affordable than the regular sized ones. You may consider your own reason for finding the best small quadcopter with camera.

Are Small Quads Better for Work or Play?

If you’re in the market for a small quadcopter with camera, you may wonder if they’re best for work or play. It really depends on size. A small quad that fits in the palm of your hand is simply not going to have the high-resolution that is required for uploading video to a professional website, nor be suitable for resale, such as for a wedding.

Small quadcopter with camera is most suitable for play. They also don’t contain all the features and functions that are necessary to create professional film footage. Some also only record video and not photographs. Most professional drone businesses offer a mix of photographs and video, as people need both for their websites.

There are some compact quads that are slightly larger than the hand, which have slightly better cameras. Lighting is also a consideration, whether the camera can auto adjust exposure or not. You can only edit film or footage to some extent.

But the video or photography from a small quadcopter is certainly acceptable for sharing with family, coworkers, or friends via your favorite social media channel.

How to Find the Best Small Quadcopter with Camera

When searching for the best among small quadcopter with camera your main concern is going to be finding a reliable quad that works properly, and that responds to controls. Ensure that you purchase a name brand item. There are some knockoffs and they do little more than run haphazardly around the room. Usually these types stop working after a few hours of running. They’re cheaply made, and often lack the most basic internal components that Cheerson, Syma, or Hubsan is guaranteed to include in their well-made products.

It’s best to read reviews of the small quadcopter with camera to check ease of flying, and how good their camera is. Four or more stars is good. Ignore the reviews of defective products, as you’ll ensure you buy from a reputable dealer who will provide an exchange if it does not work properly.

You should check the guarantee and warranty of your potential purchases, so you’re not stuck with a defective model. Unfortunately, with the cheaper models they can be more susceptible to malfunction, and even from being moved around the warehouse or dropped on the floor. But at least the major brands care about their product, and do not want to sell defective merchandise, unlike some knock-off brands that only cares about looks.

Syma X11

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Syma X11 is an affordable quad with camera that comes in a metallic red body. It has two white and two black rotors and is sold at an affordable price. It comes with a remote controller that runs on 2.4 Ghz, with four channels. There are LED lights and it has an HD camera. It can only record video, and does not record sound at all.

Syma X11 has a six axis stabilization system enabling for smoother flights, which is essential for filming video. This quad is built to be stronger, in order to enable stronger wind resistance. It works perfectly for indoor or outdoor flights.

The radio controller has four channels, so you can purchase one for every member of your family (up to four), and they won’t interfere with each other. This quad is well-priced at $40 each. The quad can be flown up and down, forward and backward, left and right turns, and sideward flight. It will also perform tricks, such as a 360 degree eversion.

It takes up to 65 minutes to charge up and gives you about five minutes of running time. It can be flown indoors or out and weighs under a pound. You can either swap out the battery pack, or buy one that holds a longer charge, but it may only be a couple of extra minutes, do to the smaller size of this quadcopter.

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Hubsan X4 H107C

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Hubsan X4 H107C comes in three different color options and comes with a two megapixel camera. This is a slightly better option than the Syma offers. You can choose from blue,  red and black, or black and green options. The royal blue is a special edition so stocks may be limited. These smaller quads run at about $70. Two of the blades will be black or white, and two in color, to help with orientation. The camera is HD.

Hubsan X4 H107C has the standard six axis gyro system which helps to keep it stable in the air. There are beginner and expert flight modes. The radio transmitter runs at 2.4Ghz, and it has an LCD screen to help you to easily see which controls you have chosen. You can film video in a variety of different directions, depending on how you choose to move your quad: left and right, forward and backward, and sideways left and right.

The frame of the Hubsan is lightweight and durable. There are four LED running lights, one below each blade. There is also an optional blade protection guard if you wish to attach, or you can leave it off. The blade guard is suitable for when you want to record video indoors though.

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Cheerson CX-10W

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Cheerson CX-10W comes in a variety of elegant colors, depending on which company you purchase it from. There is a white/gold version, black/silver, silver/white and black, gold/white, and white/rose colors. All of them come with a camera, and are priced around $40. The camera is actually installed in the forward facing front of the quad.

The Cheerson CX-10W is tiny and fits in the palm of the hand. It can be operated through an app on your smart phone or tablet. You’ll be able to watch live streaming video, and even take individual photographs by one click on the screen. The image data will be saved directly to your device, without a need for a memory card.

The quad has the standard six axis gyroscope to keep it stable while flying. It is also good for stronger wind resistance. It is easy to fly, with the usual moves, and can also do a 3D eversion. You can launch it by hand. There is even a low battery warning for the transmitter.

The Cheerson has LED running lights which add to the fun for night flying around a room at night.

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Syma X52C Nano

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Syma X52C Nano is another great small quadcopter with camera. It comes in two different color choices: white, or white and gold. It has four long landing legs and a camera that is installed within its front body. Its price is around $50. It comes with a white radio controller with red buttons. There aren’t a lot of functions but you should still be able to have fun with it.

Syma X52C Nano is in the nano class (tiny), and is lightweight and easily flown. It has an IOC headless mode for those who may find it hard to discern which way is the nose. It comes with a 2MP HD 720p camera. It will take both photos and aerial video. It has the same six axis gyro system as the other quads. This enables it to more easily be controlled, and provides better stability and wind resistance.

There are LED lights which will make flying at night much easier, or in dim indoor lighting conditions. It can perform a 350 degree eversion roll, or a continuous roll. There is a blade protector which can protect both blades, and walls and furniture, which is elastic and just bounces back if hit. This quad measures about 3.7 inches by 3.7 inches by 1.9 inches, and weighs about one pound.

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Syma X5C

Small Quadcopter with Camera

The Syma X5C is another drone in the Syma line that is small. It is white and in an X shape with four white blades. Like the other small quads it too has a camera that is directly installed within its body. It costs around $44 and has a black fully functional radio controller. Each of the four blades is protected by white blade guards.

The Syma X5C comes with an HD camera. It will perform flips by pressing a button on the radio control controller, which will look fantastic when recorded onto video. It flips with a 360 degree eversion. You will have to purchase a card reader and micro SD card if you wish to record video.

The quad also has the standard six axis gyro stabilization to help with flight stability. It takes 100 minutes to charge up fully, for about seven minutes of flight time. It runs on a lithium ion battery and both controller and quad weight two pounds. It has two green and two orange LED running lights to make it easier to see while in flight, at night, and in dim lighting conditions.

There are so many choices when searching for the best small quadcopter with camera, but since most are so affordably priced, you may wish to purchase more than one. Some of the brands also offer a variety of color options, so you can purchase one for every member of the family, yet they can still discern which is theirs by the different colors.

Having a camera on a quadcopter will add an extra dimension of fun, particularly when you first see the crazy footage of your first flights. But as you learn how to fly, you’ll soon be able to better control the quad and camera, and be able to film better outdoor footage. Footage can be of the backyard, a park, or a forest or the wilderness.

No matter what your purpose is for your new quadcopter with camera, you’re sure to have plenty of fun times flying it around your home.

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